Qualcomm Inside Lifeline

QUALCOMM/ OGILVY & MATHER in partnership with Anonymous Content.


Inside Lifeline is a making of the film Lifeline, starring Olivia Munn and Leehom Wang, in a half-hour film for a Qualcomm smartphone processor. It was created by Ogilvy & Mather in partnership with Anonymous Content. Credit Qualcomm.  

Lifeline was directed by Academy Award winner Armando Bo. The film is about a man’s search for his missing girlfriend. In the film, set in Shanghai with a plot driven by corporate malfeasance, punches are thrown, shots are fired and people are killed. At one point, the actress Olivia Munn stands over a dead woman, blood on her hands. 


But this is no ordinary movie. It is an online advertisement for the mobile technology company Qualcomm and, in particular, its Snapdragon 820 chipset, a smartphone processor.


The film has attracted 20 million views. There have been an additional 100 million combined views of the film’s trailers and the behind-the-scenes video. Eighty percent of the views came from China, which was the primary market.