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When I think of the two documentary films coming along. There is a slow train coming. where am I right now. What have I done? I need to check my calendar.

On my boxing film “Don’t Quit Champ” First shoot day at Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn NY. I filmed that day with my pro-consumer Rebel Canon 100 and my iPhone. No lights with a lavaliere microphone. That day was March 2019 at 8:16 am. At that point, I only want to create a short fun little film about my boxing trainer Lennox Blackmoore. I started training with Lennox Blackmoore at the World Famous Gleason’s Boxing Gym in Brooklyn, New York City.

Spending many mornings, days, and nights at the gym.  One day Lennox pulled down a torn old-ragged photo book from the top of his locker.  I was transfixed by the old black and white photos and newspaper articles.  I was inspired enough by his experiences and began to use my skills as a filmmaker to record his stories.  Lennox is quite a character, a rare and unique individual.  He has reached his dreams and has the stories to prove it.  We both agreed his story would make an excellent documentary. So, off we went and I started doing more interviews in-between working paid contract work as a Producer/Video Editor plus recently working as a motion graphic animator for social media ads.

One day at Gleason’s Gym in Brooking I met my soon-to-be co-producer Saloni Sharma. That day I was sparring with my other trainer another ex-professional boxer Darius Ford. Darius is from another famous Guyanese fighting family. I was having a bit o fun with Darius and joking around about his old age and Darius took offense. The next moment I thought I may get to experience the feeling of waking up staring at the ceiling lights. Darius showed me quickly what it is like to get hit by a professional boxer. I suddenly pulled in my elbows and brought up my gloves as Darius came at me hard. I thought “wow this is great experience, I am getting busted up by a pro and I am surviving… so far. Thank goodness for the bell and I made it to the end of the round. I smiled at Darius and told him I won’t be cracking that joke again! As I recovered and looked out over the ropes at my fellow pugilist and future friend, and co-producer Saloni.

Sharma and Professional female Boxer Jenny xxxxx. Saloni and Jenni where watching Darius pummel me. As soon as I notice the two female fighers standing by the ring. I instantly started cracking jokes at them. “Man, I just beat the crap out of Darius’s fist”. HahaHaha we all laughed.

Over the next couple of years Saloni, Lennox and I started discussing the film and how to get this project finished. Whenever we worked out at the same time Saloni would talk with me about the film. Saloni has a true passion for boxing and specifically for Lennox and his career. She would talk about Lennox career and the different trainers. Saloni was acting as Lennox manager, suggesting alternate interview ideas, other trainers and boxers too interview for the film.

Saloni has great experience working for the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and is great at bringing people together.

Saloni and would have many discussions about Lennox’s career and skill as a trainer. We had a great time together and Saloni expressed an interest in learning more about the film making process. Sometime in December after I picked up the latest iPhone 13 pro max and an excellent Steadycam Volt. I planned on meeting Lennox in his Bedford Styvesion neighborhood and film additional footage.

As a working video editor I need to be working at an expert level, I interact daily with clients and deadline etc… When starting this project because there is no budget I need to do all of the filming and audio recording on my own.

Then I get to collaborate with my two friends Che and Peter Chisholm and their production studio in Dumbo Brooklyn. My relationship with Peter and Che starts with my son and daughters spending time together at Brooklyn Friends School